Kolekce váz, tvořených technikou ručního stavění porcelánu do výšky. Při ručním tvarování porcelánu vznikají obtisky prstů a právě na tomto je práce založena „každý kus je unikát“.

Shaping and follow-upcasting has a root in digging and imprinting nails into the clay. Thanks to the subsequent retouching, the decals are not visible. I tried to retain this part of shaping in my collection, actually that has become my main idea, which brought me to the ultimate visual implementation / the woman and the clay /. The collection currently consists of vases, hand technique of building up with the porcelain, some parts are slightly glazed with a pink colour. The surface structure forms the transition from the fine to coarse. Vases are complemented by the relief decoration.

Photostory Kristýna Fojtik, Ondra Veselý




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