Šperk jako záznam, brož jako komunikační prostředek. Inspirací je Madeleine Albrightová / americká ministryně zahraničí /, která používá brože jako diplomatický nástroj. Kolekce RECORD zaznamenává formou „rychlo broží“ mou spoluúčast na výstavách, projektech a akcích v období od února do května roku 2016.

The system of expression I have approached is, in principle, one of the essential parts of each final project. The domain I have been dealing with for the longest period of time. Jewellery, porcelain and products have the potential to be more than just an adornment or a functional product. For instance, they can serve as a record of one’s life or one’s own means of communication. Creations I a am most devoted to carries the attribute of “conceptual”. It differs from those purely decorative ones by one essential detail: It relates a story. The works of art do not only possess superficial beauty, but also depth that has been meditated through. This also applies for the Record collection. Jewellery as a record, a brooch as a means of communication. I have been inspired by Madeleine Albright /the US Minister of Foreign Affairs/ who uses the brooch as a diplomatic tool – a means of communication. The Record collection enregisters my co-participation on exhibitions, projects and events which were of importance for me in the form of six “quick brooches”. Moreover it also records various places in the period from February 2016 to May 2016 that have been expressed mainly by the fast choice of an untraditional and, at the same time, easily accessible material or by the choice of raw material which used to be the main part of the events.

Photostory by Kristýna Fojtik





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